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Posted July 24, 2014

  • Due to a printing press error several thousand regular applications (this does not apply to IVP Applications) were recently printed with duplicate application numbers.
  • If the Department of Public Safety (DPS) receives an application with a number that is already in our data base for another applicant, in order to enter the new application DPS will drop the leading zero and add an "A" to the end of the number.  Example:  If the number on the application is 0001234567 the number will be changed to 001234567A.
  • If you enter your application number on this page and it brings up another person's information you probably received an application with a duplicate number.
  • Try searching again by not entering the first zero and adding an A to the end of the number.
  • The approximate range of application numbers is 0002646451 - 0002656450.  The revision date noted on the application in the lower right corner could be either 09-2013 or 06-2014.
DPS does apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.